Saturday, November 29, 2008

Emerging Technologies Field, Renewable Diesel Fuel Category

Emcee: Debra Poneman

Our next inductee is Michael Spitzauer, Founder, CEO and President of Green Power Inc. He is responsibile for research and development, worldwide operations, corporate resources and making sure there’s fun in doing such a great thing for the world and the Environment.

Green Power, Inc., a company located in Washington state, claims it has developed a technology capable of turning everyday landfill waste into diesel fuel, in a process it calls catalytic depolymerization. This process can convert regular household waste, medical waste, anything that is not radioactive, metal, glass or porcelain, into diesel fuel.

Michael says the reason he founded Green Power and had the vision to make into reality the process of converting waste into high quality fossil free fuel was his family: his wife Melissa and his two--no make that now four children. For them he desired to clean up the environment, create lower fuel costs and create independence from certain suppliers of foreign oil.

Under Michael’s leadership, Green Power Inc. grew from an idea into a reality. In 2000 he had it on paper. He went through ups and downs, trying to work with people who didn't share his vision, but he kept going climbing over all hurdles.

In June 2007 he hired his Chief Technology Officer, Jim Osterloh, who is also here today. Michael decided it was time to create a full-size commercial operational plant converting 100 tons of dry material into 12,000 gallons of fossil free fuel, all without negative impact on the environment but offsetting huge amounts of carbon footprints from existing fossil fuels--and land fill waste as well. Construction started in October 2007 and the full-size facility opened in March 2008 after long and sleepless nights--with a great team assisting them in their efforts.

Green Power is a private company and did all of this without any government funding. Its system does not require subsidies to make it valuable.

Green Power Inc understands all its goals can only be reached with involvement of the community. So Michael decided in every area Green Power Inc builds its plants, they will give out scholarships to local kids to give back to communities.

Michael gained his Engineering Degree in Electronics in Austria and in 2007 Michael was honored to be in the Who’s Who of Cambridge. He is a Member of WASTEC.

Despite his demanding career as CEO and Founder, Michael makes time to be involved with community organizations. He is a member of the local Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Washington Businesses. He has also done volunteer work for schools and community programs.

Michael lives in Washington State with his beautiful family, all of whom are with him here today. When not working, which his wife says never happens, Michael enjoys being with his family and his workers, as he considers them part of his family as well.

Michael also believes that everything happens for a reason. One of those things is his meeting Jim Osterloh, his right-hand man and Chief Technology Officer, who is here today accompanied by his wife Silvia.

Michael's promise is to never stop getting the job done and he invites anybody interested to come and see it all for themselves--solid waste becoming high quality liquid fossil-free fuel.